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Sis, Let His @$$ Go

Join 'Sis, Let His @$$ Go' to share your empowering tale of survival and success after an abusive relationship. Be inspired and thrive.

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Sis, Let His @$$ Go is a powerful anthology curated by LexxiKhan Presents Publishing, showcasing the remarkable journeys of resilient women. This anthology gathers the narratives of courageous individuals who emerged from abusive relationships or households, demonstrating the strength to thrive and inspire.

Your Journey, Your Triumph:

  1. Empowerment Through Shared Stories:

    • "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" stands as a beacon of hope, a collection where strong women share their truth and healing journeys.

  2. Survivor Stories of Resilience:

    • Contribute 5-10k words of your triumphant narrative, providing inspiration and guidance to those on the path to recovery.

  3. Fostering Hope and Courage:

    • Help others find their strength and believe in a brighter future beyond abusive relationships, fostering a community of support.

Why Be a Part of "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" Anthology:

Join a transformative movement honoring courage, strength, and liberation through storytelling. Share your journey, offering solace and inspiring those facing similar battles. This anthology acknowledges the resilience and valor it takes to share your narrative, empowering countless others. Be part of "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" anthology, where your words hold power, your story holds significance, and your voice finds its liberation. Rise tall, express your truth, and let your creativity radiate in this liberating anthology.

Let Your Voice Resonate and Inspire:

Become a vital part of "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" anthology, where your words and story matter. Contribute your unique narrative, enrich your portfolio, and seize the opportunity to purchase copies at 50% retail value for reselling at speaking events and on your website. Join us today and be the voice that ignites change—your story eagerly awaits a stage. Act now, as registration closes on January 31, 2024.

What to Expect:

Step 1: Pay the Application Fee: Embark on your journey by paying the application fee for "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" anthology, setting the foundation for sharing your empowering story.

Access the Application: Following payment, you will be seamlessly directed to the application process. Prepare to pour your heart into the questions, allowing us to comprehend your narrative deeply.

Application Processing (2-4 Weeks): Once we receive your application, our devoted team will carefully review and process it. Anticipate a processing time of 2-4 weeks as we thoughtfully evaluate each submission.

Receive Constructive Feedback: We believe in providing valuable feedback to all applicants. You will gain insights and suggestions to refine and enrich your story further.

Winner Announcement (March 01, 2024): The suspense will culminate on March 01, 2024, when we proudly announce the selected contributors who will become an integral part of "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" anthology.

Prepare to share your empowering story, and remember, every voice matters. Your journey toward recognition and making a difference begins here. We eagerly await your submission.

Rules and Eligibility:

Eligibility: Participation in "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" anthology is open to individuals who are residents of the United States and are 18 years of age or older at the time of submission.

Unpublished Pieces: All submissions must be original, unpublished works. We welcome fresh, compelling narratives that have not been published previously.

Submission Process: To enter, participants must submit an application and an unpublished piece that aligns with the theme of "Sis, Let His @$$ Go" anthology.

Completion of Application and Fee: To qualify for consideration, applicants must ensure the completion and submission of the application form along with the requisite application fee. The fee is non-refundable.

Multiple Submissions: Each applicant may submit mutiple times.

Compliance with Guidelines: All entries must adhere to the submission guidelines provided. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

Plagiarism: Plagiarized works will not be accepted. All submissions must be the original work of the applicant.

Rights and Permissions: By submitting the piece, the applicant confirms they hold the rights to the work and grant LexxiKhan Presents Publishing the right to publish the piece in the anthology.

Announcement of Selected Contributors: The winners, selected contributors, will be announced on March 01, 2024, on the LexxiKhan Presents Publishing website and associated platforms.

Decision Finality: All decisions regarding the selection of contributors and any aspect of the anthology made by LexxiKhan Presents Publishing are final and binding.

By participating, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these rules and eligibility criteria and agree to comply with them throughout the submission process.

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