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Welcome to the Press Page of Lexxikhan Presents Publishing, your gateway to the world of captivating stories and insightful narratives. Discover our latest literary endeavors, author spotlights, upcoming releases, and media coverage that celebrates the power of words. For press inquiries, interviews, or review copies, please contact our press team. We're thrilled to share our passion for storytelling with you. Stay tuned for a journey through the realm of imagination.

LexxiKhan Presents Publishing

Press Department

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Longwood, FL 32750

OrlandoVoyager: Community Highlights

Join me at the OrlandoVoyager: Community Highlights event, where I am excited to introduce myself as Keiady Bennett, representing Lexxikhan Publishing. I am eager to share our story, our vision, and our journey, and I look forward to connecting with you and the incredible community that makes Orlando shine.

Sisaundra Lewsi with Keaidy Bennett & Shoneka Kelly

We are delighted to share that we've had the privilege of engaging in another insightful conversation, this time with the dynamic duo of Sisaundra Lewis and Shoneka Kelly. Our dialogue with these remarkable individuals promises to be both enlightening and inspiring. Stay tuned for an engaging exchange that is sure to spark thought and ignite creativity.

Sisaundra Lewis with Keaidy Bennett

We are thrilled to announce our feature on the prestigious Sisaundra Lewis Show. It is with great excitement that we invite you to explore the full video where our work takes center stage alongside the remarkable talents on the show. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we are honored to share this moment with you.

How Black Men Cry: Hear My Cry

Calvin Jamal Ockletree is from Indianapolis, IN by way of Nashville, TN. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and is currently in his last semester of completing his Master’s in Criminal Justice. His passion to write poetry began when he started journaling because he felt that his voice was not heard within his household.

Former NFL Player Shares How He Beat The System and Battled Adversity

Everything said Dwayne Wallace would fail. Coming from an abusive home, placed in foster care, and struggling with academics, he had every excuse to fail. Instead, he proved the system wrong and has achieved success both on the football field and in life. An All-American in college, a brief career in both the NFL and XFL, Wallace has proven that he has what it takes to succeed in one of the toughest sports of the world.

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