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Unlock your path to literary success with our Co-Author Application Fee, granting you an exclusive opportunity to collaborate on a captivating book under the esteemed LexxiKhan Presents Publishing banner. This fee not only signifies your intent to co-author, but also provides a golden ticket to our vibrant Author's Lounge for a duration of 30 days.


Key Features:

  • Access to the Author's Lounge: Immerse yourself in a dynamic online community specially curated to cater to the unique needs of writers. Within the Author's Lounge, you'll find a treasure trove of resources, from writing guides to marketing materials, designed to empower and guide you towards your writing goals.

  • Online Community Support: Connect with fellow authors and tap into a network of like-minded individuals through our interactive online forum. Ask questions, seek advice, and receive the support you need to enhance your writing journey.


Please Note:

  • The Co-Author Application Fee is final and non-refundable, symbolizing your commitment to embarking on this literary adventure with LexxiKhan Presents Publishing.

Invest in your literary aspirations and join us in crafting tales that captivate the world. Apply now and experience the unparalleled support and knowledge awaiting you within the LexxiKhan Presents Publishing family.

Co-Author Application Fee

SKU: 21554345656

    Application Completion Process:

    Payment of the Co-Author Application Fee initiates the application process. Applicants must complete the application on a dedicated page, including manuscript submission.

    Manuscript Feedback:

    After submitting the application and manuscript, applicants will receive feedback to enhance the quality of their work.

    Response Time:

    Please allow 2 to 4 weeks from submission for our team to review and respond to your application.

    Non-Refundable Application Fee:

    The Co-Author Application Fee is non-refundable, signifying your commitment to the co-authorship application process.

    We appreciate your interest in co-authoring with LexxiKhan Presents Publishing. Your application fee aids in maintaining quality standards and fostering a collaborative literary community. For further assistance, contact our support team.

  • Application fees are non-refundable. 

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