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“Love is beautiful when it blossoms, but how can it flourish when it’s sometimes fed things it doesn’t need in order to grow? Fear, trust issues, anger and pain have no business inside of love’s gates, so what happens when these uninvited trespassers are allowed to roam freely for a while?”

– Somewhere Between Love & Misunderstanding 

Written by spoken word poets, Keaidy Bennett and Marvin Wilson Jr., Somewhere Between Love & Misunderstanding tells that familiar story using poetry. Will our two lovers be able to find their way back to love, or will pride and fear claim defeat over yet another relationship?

Somewhere Between Love & Misunderstanding

SKU: 978-1958335994
  • Because your book will be signed by one or both of the authors, your sale is final. However, if you receive a damage or defective book, please contact us as soon as possible. 

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