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Dr. Allanah Roberts-Headley

Author & CEO of Essence of the Mind

Dr. Allanah Roberts-Headley is a distinguished mental health counselor, educator, and co-author of "The Essence of Survival." Founder of "Essence of the Mind" in Orlando, FL, she provides compassionate counseling, empowering individuals on their healing journey.

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Essence of Survival

Dive into resilience and renewal with "The Essence of Survival," a heartfelt guide for domestic violence survivors and those understanding their realities. Written by Dr. Allanah Roberts Headley and Keaidy Bennett, this book offers insights to recognize abuse, cultivate healthy dynamics, and find resilience through challenges. Discover empowerment with therapeutic coloring pages, prompts, and positive mantras. This transformative journey of healing spans 192 pages, providing a steadfast companion toward rediscovering your essence. Embrace strength; you are not alone in your healing journey.

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