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Dive into the intoxicating world of When a Woman's Fed Up where urban fiction meets raw emotion, and love becomes a dangerous game. In Nenshia Daniels' debut, "Fatal Investment," Brenda McClain, a dreamer working as a waitress, is lured into a life of luxury by a man who will only be addressed as Sir. What starts as a dream-come-true career opportunity turns into a nightmare as Brenda discovers the suffocating grip of Sir's power and control. As love turns toxic, Brenda must navigate the treacherous path between ambition and self-preservation. Will she escape the clutches of a man who believes love is a deadly investment?

Keaidy Bennett takes readers deeper into the Charge it to the Game universe with "Thou Shall Honour the Girl Code." Tanya Sanchez, often misunderstood as the series' villain, unveils her side of the story. Bennett also exposes the secrets behind characters like C.O Robinson and the charming Patrick Bennett. New readers will enjoy a series recap and a short story that sheds light on the sacrifices made for love and sisterhood when fast money and powerful men are involved.

When a Woman's Fed Up

SKU: 978-1958335185
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