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Dive into the depths of resilience and renewal with The Essence of Survival, a heartfelt and insightful guided journey for domestic violence survivors and those committed to understanding the realities survivors face. Written collaboratively by Dr. Allanah Roberts-Headley, a seasoned licensed mental health counselor, educator, and passionate mental health advocate, and Keaidy Bennett, a courageous domestic violence survivor, entrepreneur, and author, this book is a comforting companion for those on the path to healing.

Dr. Roberts-Headley's expertise in clinical mental health and counseling education and Keaidy Bennett's empowering narrative create a nurturing and informative space for growth and recovery. The Essence of Survival peels back the layers of abuse, offering guidance and practical strategies to navigate the journey toward healing. Within these pages, readers will uncover essential insights to recognize the signs of abuse, identify healthy relationship dynamics through green flags, and respond to other forms of abuse with resilience and self-compassion. Additionally, therapeutic coloring pages offer solace on challenging days, and thoughtful journal prompts encourage self-reflection, fostering a sense of empowerment and growth.
The Essence of Survival stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of survivors, providing a roadmap towards a brighter tomorrow. Let this guided journey be your steadfast companion, lighting the way as you embrace healing and rediscover your essence.

The Essence of Survival (Paperback)

SKU: 978-1958335147
  • Because your book will be signed by one or both of the authors, all sales are final; however, if you receive a damaaged or defective book, please let us know!

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