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How Do You Say, "I Was Wrong," Without Having To Admit That You Were Wrong? Asking for a Friend.

Question Marks and a dialogue box asking "How Do you Say I Was Wrong Without Having to Admit That You Were Wrong? Asking for a Friend

As a wordsmith... I'm shocked to publicly announce that writing this post is a challenge. Anyways, here we are.

A few weeks ago I started promoting an event and selling tickets to get people to come out to The Abbey in Downtown Orlando on October, 9, 2022. On the flyer I posted all about my plans to have artists perform and have two of the city's hottest hosts on the same stage. Well... after a long meeting with the team behind the reason for the occasion, I have to correct the way I market this to ya'll.

Are we having a party and a good time? Oh, most definitely; however, I have to stress that we have to get the business side of things handled first.

The main reason I chose that location is because in Charge it to the Game, Tamia Santiago is a woman who works hard for what she has, and because of that she only wants the best of the best. To me, The Abbey has always provided a certain level of class and elegance. It would be the exact place that Tamia (aka Tammy) would host an event celebrating her accomplishments. She would also want those around her to be draped in the finest fashions and jewelry. Tammy would also want to have the opportunity to look back at the event and see everyone standing on a red carpet with a backdrop promoting her business and the businesses of those who truly support her. Oh, and don't let me forget about the talent. She would only allow the hottest performers to touch the stage that would be entertaining her guests. Providing all of that on October 9, 2022 is still the plan AFTER we get the shots that we are there to get.

After our last meeting, we feel confident that we should be able to get the shots we need in two hours. That means for only 120 minutes, I'm going to need everyone in attendance to look fly, enjoy some light music, but more importantly, I need them to follow the direction of the director. Also, he was very adamant that the guests in attendance be made aware that they were on camera and everyone had to sign NDAs and Waivers.

That sounds simple, right? Well, to me it wasn't that easy. I rented out this huge space because I just knew I was going to pack it out and use the funds from ticket prices to cover the cost of the space. After that meeting with Tony, I just knew there was absolutely no way I could charge people work for me.

It didn't matter that we were going to have some extravagant party after the fact. To me, in that moment, I didn't care who I had on those flyers. I consistently speak over my business and one thing that is in every prayer is that I want to be a financial blessing to any and everyone who is connected to my business in anyway. How the hell can I say that and then do the opposite?

So How Do You Say "I Was Wrong" Without Having to Admit It?

Seriously, I bit off more than I could chew by moving without considering some key advice from my team, and for that I guess I was wr....

I guess what I'm trying to say is I've been super blessed to have a team of people who support the vision. They've shown up to meetings and have put in countless hours into pre-production work even though I haven't paid them a single dollar yet. I don't care if I have to sell my you-know-what, I'm going to get every dollar to make that event everything that I've seen in my dreams, and more importantly, to fund the vision that the rest of my team has bought into. Now, I also plan on doing that without charging an admission fee.

That was the CEO part of my brain. It made that decision without a second though. The artist part of my brain immediately began to panic.

How the hell are we going to pay for the rest of the venue rental?

How are we going to pay the hosts?

How are we going to pay the artists?

How can I afford a DJ now?

I already have a stage manager and an event coordinator locked in. What the..?

How the hell am I going to pass out money to pay for the artists that showed up for one show and a rehearsal or two when I have a crew that hasn't even asked about money yet?

How am I going to make sure that Tammy looks the part without the budget I was hoping for?

How can I afford to look fly if I have to take care of all of this?

How can I afford my babysitter now?

This is exactly why I didn't want to hire help....

And before my mind could go into a complete downward spiral, I forced myself to take a few deep breaths. (Not gonna lie, I low-key looked like Spongebob in that Gif above.) Anyway, it took a little while, but I let myself go back to that night in my mind.

I know to some people this is going to sound crazy as hell - especially because I've already admitted to my mental health challenges; however, I've seen that night and shots of that trailer we plan to record on October 9th. I've vividly experienced the red carpet and watching some of Orlando's elite entrepreneurs and artists in the same space. I've enjoyed the sounds of hearing the red carpet interviews. It feels so real to me ya'll, that this just has to happen.

With all of that being said, I am changing the prices of the tickets moving forward. It will now be free admission, and I'm leaning into something Tamia Santiago would have done if she were in this very position. Instead of passing the bill to people coming to help her, Tammy would leverage the relationships she's built along the way. She would ask those around her that she's helped to do the same for her, and that's what I plan to do.

I still need ya'll to dress fly. I'm not playing with that. You have to be dressed to impress and in formal wear. Like the director said, you have to sign the waivers to protect our team, and we have to knock out these shots, but once we are done - oh, the turn up is going to be so real!

I can't wait to see you all there!

Here is a sneak peak of the new flyer (per my directors request.) Don't share it yet because it doesn't include the fact that formal wear is mandatory. (And I'm not going to want to apologize to a single soul later for any miscommunication. Getting through this post has been enough of a struggle.) Once I have that updated, you guys can share it.

Flyer for LexxiKhan Presents: One Night Only in Orlando Fl October 9th 2022

In the mean time, check out this fire video from the director of this project, Director Tony. Hopefully this allows you guys to understand why I've allowed this man to drive me crazy with everything from this event to the script. Look at this video and tell me he's not nasty with that camera and lighting!

See ya'll October 9th! Make sure you text 'Charge it to the Game' to 407-305-2598. Once you do that, you'll receive a link to lock in your ticket. Once you are locked in, make sure to complete the forms that come to your inbox. Without them, I can't allow you into the space, and since I don't have a huge budget to pay someone to deal with the hassle of unprepared people, I really need ya'll to be on it!

From the bottom of my heart: thank you so much for all of your help and support. It truly means a lot to me.



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