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Fairy Lights

Publishing Packages

We help marginalized groups find their voice, tell their story, and publish it with a dream team that understands the vision. 


Choose the publishing package that best services what you think you need, then apply. A member from our team will follow up with you in 5-7 business days. 

Fairy Lights

Coaching | Ghostwriting

Need help with your manuscript? Do you need ghostwriting services? Let's talk. 

(Please bare with us as we update our website. If you need further help, please call 888-532-4392) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys help me out through this process at all?

Of course! No matter which package you choose, we are there to help you every step of the way. Our Bronze package is the only package where we don't handle your distribution. That means you are responsible for taking what we give you, adding a great book cover, and distributing it to the world. To help prepare you, we offer several ebooks that will give you the knowledge you need. We also offer coaching services if you would like 1-on-1 assistance through that process.  

Why do I have to apply? I'm ready to pay and publish now. 

We love your enthusiasm; however, we take pride in the community and tribe that we've built. While we honor everyone's right to tell their story, at LexxiKhan Presents Publishing we have a strong focus on healing, helping, and inspiring. We also love that our readers know they can expect a certain quality of book whenever they see our logo on the cover. For that reason, we vet every single book before we can agree to publish. 

What is the turn around time for my project?

Bronze and Silver Publishing Package: 120 days after receipt of your manuscript.*

Gold Publishing Package: 90 days after receipt of your manuscript* 


*These are our personal goals to strive for; however, it is really going to depend on how dedicated you are through this writing process. How you treat deadlines will be the ultimate determining factor.    

Also, rush delivery is available. Please ask if this is a service you require! 

Still have questions? Contact us now so we can help you out. Choose from the options available:

Call - 888- 532-4392

Text - 407-305-2598


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