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Co-Author Policy

Thank you for considering becoming a co-author with LexxiKhan Presents Publishing. Below, we outline important terms and conditions relating to the co-authoring process:

  1. No Guaranteed Publishing:

    • Submission of your work and payment of the application fee does not guarantee publication. Publishing is contingent upon a mutually agreed and signed publishing agreement with LexxiKhan Presents. Publishing.

  2. Non-Refundable Application Fee:

    • The application fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether your submission is accepted for publication.

  3. Access to Author's Lounge:

    • Upon application and payment of the application fee, participants will receive 30 days of access to our author's lounge, providing valuable resources and support.

  4. Confidentiality:

    • All participants agree to maintain confidentiality regarding all program-related information and fellow participants. This includes but is not limited to, discussions within the author's lounge and details about the program.

  5. Not a Creation of Partnership or Employment:

    • Participation in our co-author program does not create a partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee relationship between the participants and LexxiKhan Presents Publishing.

  6. Royalty Distribution:

    • Participants will share 80% of the book's royalties, with payouts occurring quarterly.

  7. Book Copies and Sales:

    • Participants will receive three free copies of the published book.

    • Participants can purchase additional copies of the book at 50% of the retail price to sell at speaking engagements or on their personal websites.

  8. No Direct Competition:

    • Participants agree not to directly compete with LexxiKhan Presents Publishing in book sales or related activities.

By proceeding with the co-author application, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

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