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Words to World: How to Self-Publish on Amazon

  • 28Days
  • 17Steps


Join us on a transformative journey with "Words to World: How to Self-Publish on Amazon." This comprehensive four-module course is your compass to navigate the intricate path from crafting your journal, guided journal, or poetry collection to the world on Amazon. In Module 1, you'll discover the secrets of effective planning, laying the foundation for a story that resonates with readers. Module 2 provides step-by-step instructions on harnessing the power of Canva or Microsoft Word to shape your expressions into a compelling manuscript. Transition seamlessly into Module 3, where you'll learn tips and tricks for editing your story. The final module empowers you with the knowledge to navigate the self-publishing process on Amazon without breaking the bank. From formatting to cover design, you'll master the essentials of self-publishing, turning your poetic vision into a reality. With "Words to World," you learn the intricacies of self-publishing and gain the skills to bring your dreams to life. Join us on this empowering journey and share your unique voice with the world. Your words deserve to be heard – let's turn them into a published reality on Amazon.

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