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Jul 1, 2024 - Oct 20, 2024

Don't Let the System Beat You

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Get ready to tackle life's challenges head-on with Dwayne Wallace, a true MVP in the game of empowerment. Just like a seasoned quarterback navigating the field, Dwayne has maneuvered through life's hurdles from the bustling streets of London to the trenches of Spanish Town, Jamaica, ultimately landing him in the foster care system in the US. But Dwayne didn't let setbacks sideline his dreams. With a degree from the renowned University of California, Berkeley, and a playbook filled with winning strategies, he's ready to coach you to victory. Join his 16-week program and gear up to conquer the toughest opponents—uncertainty, doubt, and fear. With Dwayne by your side, you'll learn to make every play count, set winning goals, and build a championship mindset. So, huddle up and get ready to score big in the game of life! Program Highlights: Weeks 1-2: Get in the Zone Learn to focus and develop a game plan for success. Weeks 3-4: Goal Setting Master the art of setting both long-term and short-term goals. Weeks 5-6: Utilize Your Strengths Discover your unique talents and leverage them for success. Weeks 7-8: Mentorship Matters Find a mentor and learn how to maximize this invaluable resource. Weeks 9-10: Financial Fitness Dive into financial literacy and secure your financial future. Weeks 11-12: Building Resumes Craft a winning resume and stand out from the competition. Weeks 13-14: Surround Yourself with Success Learn the importance of your inner circle and how it impacts your journey. Weeks 15-16: Wrap Up and Reflection Reflect on your journey and outline your path to success in an 800-word paper. Plus, don't miss your chance to win a scholarship for a FREE month of 1:1 coaching with Dwayne—a $2500 value! So, are you ready to join the winning team?

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Don't Let the System Beat You

Don't Let the System Beat You

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