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Calvin Ockletree

Creative Director

Calvin Ockletree, our visionary Creative Director and prolific author, enriches Lexxikhan Presents Publishing with creative brilliance, having penned two captivating books under our banner.

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Hear My Cry

Hear me out. This is the answer key to all the untold stories and rumors said about me. This is me submitting to my passion and vulnerability. My mission is to have this book be relatable and to push my reader's imagination. This collection of poems addresses personal insecurities, substance abuse, spiritual struggles, relationship issues, and cultural differences.Crying out for help isn't easy, so now maybe someone will hear me.

Thoughts of Suicide

In "Thoughts of Suicide," delve into Calvin Ockltree's soul-stirring collection of poems, birthed from two harrowing stays in mental institutions. Unveil the raw emotions, the depths of despair, and the glimmers of hope, as his verses paint a poignant portrait of the human psyche's struggles. This poetic journey traverses the darkness, leading to a profound understanding of resilience, redemption, and the power of self-expression.

How Black Men Cry: Hear My Cry

Calvin Jamal Ockletree is from Indianapolis, IN by way of Nashville, TN. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and is currently in his last semester of completing his Master’s in Criminal Justice. His passion to write poetry began when he started journaling because he felt that his voice was not heard within his household.

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